Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

SERVPRO of Springfield is in Your Community

The marketing department at SERVPRO of Springfield loves to get out and about in our community. This past month we participated in the Annual Zoolie Ghoulie event at Henson Robinson Zoo. The event hosts hundreds of children and their families with games, booths and, of course, candy all in the beautiful atmosphere of our local zoo. This event was a fun way for us to meet some of the best ghouls and goblins in the area and certainly made for some great stories. We look forward to participating again next year. 

Carpet Cleaning in Springfield, IL

Our crews are trained to handle almost anything. Even the grimiest carpet does not deter our techs from doing their very best to restore it to like new condition. At a recent residential job, the carpet had definitely seen better days. After years of human and pet traffic, the wear and tear was definitely visible and the homeowner was concerned it would need to be replaced. But after our techs started their cleanup, it became clear that all this carpet needed was a some TLC from experienced hands. 

SERVPRO of Springfield is Here for YOU!

When you call in a damage to SERVPRO of Springfield, we will do our very best to be of service to you. We will arrive on site ready to listen to assess the damage and to listen to your concerns. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure that the property that can be restored is taken care of with a high degree of integrity and care. We are here for you and we are Here to Help!®

SERVPRO of Springfield's Crew is Always Working

No matter when a damage occurs, you can rest assured that SERVPRO of Springfield is ready to help get your property back to "Like it never even happened." Our crew members are trained and certified to handle a variety of damage cleanup. They will work diligently to help restore your property and your peace of mind. They take pride in their work and are happy to know that the work they do has such a positive effect on those clients we are working for. 

SERVPRO of Springfield Arrives Prepared

SERVPRO of Springfield arrives prepared to a large residential water damage in Springfield, IL. The sump pump stopped working during a power outage and, as a result, the finished basement was filled with several inches of water. Once the water was removed, the flooring needed to be dried. Our crew arrived on site with a plan and enough equipment to ensure the moisture would be dried quickly and completely. Within a few short days, the basement was dry. 

Pipe Burst Aftermath in Springfield, IL

A pipe burst at a local business in Springfield, IL leaving a path of destruction in its wake. When we arrived on scene, there were several rooms that had puddles of water and insulation waiting to be removed. SERVPRO of Springfield got to work quickly. We removed the standing water and cleaned the left over mess. Within a short time we were able to make the site "Like it never even happened."