Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Non-Profit Cleanup

When heavy rains caused water to come through the wall at a local nonprofit they called SERVPRO of Sangamon County to come out and take care of the cleanup.  

Water had worn away at the mortar between the bricks and was coming through the foundation. A large portion of the building was affected by the flood waters. Once the problem was contained and eliminated by a water proofing company SERVPRO of Springfield came in and dried out the remaining structure. 

If your home or business is affected by storm flooding, call the professionals to help you get it cleaned up at 217-528-7775

Sump pump problems

When storms carry heavy rains into an area for an extended period of time it can put a strain on your home's sump pump system.  In some cases the amount of water draining into the sump pit will overwhelm the pump causing the water to enter other areas of the basement.  In this case the sump was still in working condition but was unable to keep up with the volume of water.  In these cases it is sometimes best to wait for the incoming water to slow or place a secondary pump to help get the water out as quickly as possible.  

Flooded Business

This business was damaged due to a flash flood. The Manager was pleased with our response time. She stated " that our employees were a joy to be around" The business was able to resume use quickly and this cut down on the income she lost while the building was being restored. SERVPRO makes disasters "Like it never even happened. 

Storm Cleanup

SERVPRO of Springfield was called to assist with contents inventory and removal after a tornado came through and quite literally tore the roof off of this home. When disaster strikes call SERVPRO of Springfield at 217-528-7775

Heavy storms cause water to run through window wells

This picture shows what can happen when heavy rains enter a basement or crawlspace through a window well. In order to prevent this water from entering a basement and preventing this problem altogether there are two main components.

The first is to ensure that every window well has a drain. This can prevent the water from collecting in the bottom and coming through the window itself.

The second is to ensure the window has a proper cover to prevent debris from entering the well and clogging the drain.

We have you covered

Our equipment inventory includes over 1300 high velocity air movers as well as 200 dehumidifiers.  That doesn't even include the specialty equipment like wood floor drying systems, heaters, and air filtration equipment! So you can rest assured that no matter what the size of your water damage, we have you covered.