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Inspecting Your Air Vents & Duct Work Can Lead to Unhealthy Discoveries

However, SERVPRO of Springfield can save you money and provide peace of mind to your health. In the photos above, our SERVPRO professionals addressed the air qu... READ MORE

When Is The Last Time You Looked in Your Air Ducts?

Having your air ducts cleaned can improve the air quality, air flow and improve the lifetime expectancy and efficiency of your furnace. Pets, allergies, post c... READ MORE

Storm Damage Clean-Up

Mud, glass and insulation clean-up inside of a home after tornado damage. Our SERVPRO team arrived to the scene prepared for clean-up and left the scene "Like ... READ MORE

Dust Can Damage Your System

Air return vents should be kept clear of dust and other debris. If your vents get too dirty, like this one did, impurities can get sucked into your heating syst... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Springfield Keeps Your Ducts Clean!

Does your air duct system look similar to this? Have you noticed an increase in dust and particles drifting through the air? Our crews know how to ensure the a... READ MORE

Keeping It Clean in Springfield, IL

After a fire or water damage occurs and the big problems are taken care of, all the little stuff starts to take center stage. Your belongings may be covered in ... READ MORE

Cleanup in a Moldy Basement in Springfield, IL

A local resident called for assistance after realizing the large amount of mold that had been growing on their property that had sat unattended for a months. Wi... READ MORE

Electrical damage

SERVPRO of Springfield If you suffer a fire loss in your home the choice of a restoration company will determine how quickly you can get back in your home. As y... READ MORE

Storm damage considerations

SERVPRO of Springfield After storms have affected homes there is a lot of work to be done and choosing a restoration company should be at the top of the list. I... READ MORE

Storm Damage

When rains cause water levels to rise there can be a lot of effects. This damage caused water to backflow through a septic system causing contamination through... READ MORE