Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Slow Leaks

Slow leaks can sometimes be hard to catch.  Ongoing issues can sometimes lead to mold growth.  

The recommended remediation process is to remove affected drywall and sometimes flooring before drying can begin. It is nearly impossible to clean the paper face of the affected drywall without destroying the material in the process.  

In the case of this picture, a slow leaking washing machine caused mold to grow on the surrounding drywall.  Luckily these homeowners called us and we had it all cleaned up and drying out in no time.

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Damp Places

Damp basements where little to no airflow is present can be an easy place for mold to take hold and thrive.  This basement was not dried out properly leading to residual moisture in the building material and mold contamination on not only the structure but also the contents nearby.

Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned buildings can be a prime place to find mold growth.  The building pictured had a serious roof leak for an extended period causing mold to grow in stripes along the walls and ceilings.  

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Mold Remediation

Mold can come in all different colors.  The first key is to make sure that whatever the original problem that was the root cause for the growth in the first place is fixed. Without fixing the problem, no amount of cleaning can ensure that the issue won't reoccur.

Bathroom Ventilation

Excess moisture has tremendous potential for damaging bathrooms. During a bath or shower, humidity levels rise significantly creating the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and microorganisms that can negatively impact health. In addition, long-term exposure to excess moisture and humidity can crack and peel paint and wallpaper, ruin wallboard, warp doors and rust cabinets and fixtures. Without control, it can even cause deterioration of joists and framing above the bathroom.

Most of today's new homes are highly insulated and practically air tight, saving energy but making proper mechanical ventilation essential to maintaining good indoor air quality. Good ventilation protects both your health and your home and is especially important in bathrooms which experience high levels of moisture and humidity.

-Source: Home Ventilating Institute

Leaky Toilet

The drain pipe of a toilet leaked under this house in Springfield causing mold to form.  Luckily the problem was caught quickly before it developed into a larger issue and SERVPRO of Springfield was able to respond quickly and remediate the problem in order to make it "Like it never even happened."